Enail Dab Kit with Aluminum Case


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Ditch the butane and start dabbing like a pro! This complete enail kit comes with EVERYTHING you need to get started and more. You get an easy to use digital control box where you can set your preferred temperature. Lower temperatures are great for low temp dabs. (I personally set mine at 390 degrees F)

You also get 2 different dishes that fit 14mm & 18MM, male or female.. If you have a bong laying around you can throw it on there too!

On top of everything you also get an ALUMINUM STORAGE CASE for FREE! With soft foam padding on the inside, this storage case makes it easy to store and transport everything in one place.


  • Single Enail Digital Controller (1 yr warranty)
  • Flat Coil (30 day warranty)
  • Combo Titanium Nail Body Male / Female 14 & 18 mm (import)
  • Replaceable Quartz Dish 1″ or 25mm dia (import)
  • Alum Storage Box.
  • For USA and Canada Market Only


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